A Guide to Buying a New Pair of Crossfit Shorts

I love buying new sports wear I think I might be a little obsessed after doing my financial calculations! you can read all about why I do these reviews and a little about my spending in my opener post here.

Today I am going to be detailing my process of buying a new pair of crossfit shorts but as a twist I will be reviewing the shorts not as a new pair but an used pair I have been using over the past 11 months yes that’s right 11 months of full on crossfit sessions, this way I can tell you what is good and bad about them so you can decide if you want to buy them yourself.

First off going shopping is not my idea of fun my wife thinks it’s the best thing in the world but for me it always seems like a time consuming process, however I do love buying clothes especially sports wear so back in the day before the internet was so established I would have to get out and about searching for the correct pair of shorts, it’s now 2014 and the internet is my savior you get all the benefits of shopping I love without having to “go shopping” I love you internet.

When searching for the correct pair of shorts you can do search engine searches, go directly to retailers you have used in the past or manufacturers you like including all the big name brands in fact if you take your time there are a lot of ways to find products on-line.

How Did I Find My Shorts?

One way I like to find new products is with on-line recommendations from people who have used and tested the product as they are independent of the product and normally offer a honest option saving you time researching or just looking on or off-line.
A fantastic resource for crossfit shorts is put together by the body2shape team they test and suggest over 50 pairs of shorts with the focus on crossfit training you can see there current top five here http://body2shape.com/crossfit-shorts/

What Shorts did I buy?

I purchased a pair of abercrombie in Navy blue even though abercrombie designed these for swimming and probably as a fashion statement to some people they ranked number two in body2shapes list so considering they have reviewed over 600 pairs of shorts and these came in at number two at the time and I liked the design over the number one ranked pair I figured I couldn’t really go wrong.

Photos of the shorts after 11 months of training


abercrombie shorts


abercrombie shorts back

Crossfit Shorts Review

The shorts are comfortable they have a soft inner lining it’s still sort even to this day and has no tears inside or outside, quite remarkable considering the amount of use I have had from them.
The front of the shorts are navy blue (all round really) with a large logo print, shorts have faded due to washing but not a lot, logo is still in perfect condition I have no idea how or why as every other pair of shorts this is the first section to wear.
Velcro fastening at the front has lost nearly all of it’s strength probably due to squats and the washing machine, short hold up with original thick shoe lace style front ties.
These shorts have two hand pockets and a small inner pocket perfect for a locker key, these shorts originally cost $59 so a bit on the expensive side.

My ratings out of 10 points

9 – Value for money
9 – Wear and tear
8 – Style and design
7 – Cost


I still wear the shorts and feel they have quite a bit of life left in them, they have served me well and as you can see in the photos apart from the stain on the back they still look in decent condition.
I would recommend them I feel you get decent value for money from them, however if I needed to buy a new pair of short right now I would check the list to see what is in the top 5 and probably buy a different pair but only because it’s time for a change.

How I will be Reviewing Crossfit Clothing and Equipment

Last weekend I had to do some finance calculations because I am applying for a new mortgage not very interesting and dam has this process changed a lot in the past 3 years anyway you now have to give precise calculations or estimates on what you spend your money on so the mortgage provider can calculate if you can afford the repayments, anyway I calculated every year I spend around $1600 to $1800 on new sportswear clothing alone this is just sportswear!
I understand I probably have a spending problem but this got me thinking about my next post here on hubwear and I figured as I  buy so much new clothing I should document my purchases and create a new section “crossfit clothing” hopefully this will give a good indication of the quality of the product because I am going to do the review backwards!!!

This is my thoughts, you can read one hundred and one reviews online about new products however the product is new and it has not be fully tested over any time period, so lets say you are wanting to buy a new pair of running shoes they look good but
1. how long will they last
2. are they still comfortable after 6 months
likes and dislikes  are only discovered in time.

I have created my first review here check it out

Great Tips for Crossfit Newbies

Starters in all places are always looked down upon and even misused at times. It is not only those who came before you that can discourage you. I believe that the greatest enemy to you is your own self. No one can bring you down no matter who he or she is without your own consent. Even if a person insults you and you refuse to yield to that particular insult then believe it or not it belongs to him or her. What am I driving at dear reader? What I am actually insinuating at this point in time is actually the fact that you really need to believe in yourself and boost your self confidence.

Great Tips for Crossfit Newbies

Self confidence is paramount in order to achieve any kind of crossfit success or success in life (from my own experience). You should be in a position to consider whatever that you are doing as important and even do it with great pride and determination.

In this article today I will greatly be talking to you if you are a crossfit newbie or you have plans to start gym sessions. Here are my tips:

If you do not know let me commence by enlightening you on the fact that the crossfit gym room can turn out to be the most intimidating place if you are not an organized person as well as a courageous one at the same time. It comprises of numerous unspoken rules, machines you haven’t seen before and lastly some hard-to-navigate zones. At a point you just feel that you are very green and even grow discouraged.
This is not something that you should let happen too you. The mere fact that you are a newbie does not mean that you should move around expressing it to all and sundry. You need to fake such an image that makes the others respect and even think of you highly. How do you manage that? That question should definitely be burning inside you but luckily I got answers for you so that when time comes anxiety won’t get the best part of you.

Do not put up a show such that everything else in the crossfit gym shocks you. Act confident and comfortable. At this point in time I am putting it into consideration that you very well knew before you got out of your house that you were going for training. In that case you should have arrived in the gym with some attractive bag carrying all that you need for the crossfit session. To break it down very fast as a matter of fact you really need some comfortable shoes and crossfit clothes, hair ties and a bottle of water to mention but a few.

You do not just wake up one morning and head to the gym for training. You need to visit the place earlier on and make the necessary arrangements. You visit should assist you to learn whether the crossfit gym of your choice offers lockers for storage of your bags. If it does then that will be much easier for you. If it does not offer those lockers it is then good to talk to the responsible authorities to try to establish if they actually allow trainees to bring along their own lockers. This is important regardless of how simple it may present itself. It would not be fair at all to blockade or should I say to restrict proper movement of your fellow trainees with your bags. Besides it is important to put you bag in your locker since it is a way of ensuring its safety.

Staying clean and germ free is the other part I must talk about. An ideal gym should comprise of sanitary stations with some materials used to clean those shared equipment. Well, I do not mean that you should clean everything else that you lay your hands on in the gym. For instance free weights do not have to be cleaned each time. Most importantly it is only right that after the crossfit session you get to wash your hands.

I would also want to talk about something that I have gotten to notice with most of the crossfit newbies. I have noticed it a number of times but since you have taken the trouble to read this article then you are lucky since you will know how to act when it really counts. The gym may have some equipment that look sophisticated or you have never seen in a life time. Most of the newbies deprive themselves of a chance to learn since they do not want to look stupid by laying their hands on such equipment. That is totally wrong. The trainers are there to teach you about anything you do not understand, after all you paid them.


1. Don’t be shy
2. Relax (everyone was new once)
3. Be prepared
4. Stay clean
5. Remember kit

With all the above said and done let me stop there but before I put my pen down remember that you are not supposed to allow anyone to put you down regardless of your situation.

How to Break Through the Dreaded Crossfit Plateau

Stalled out, stuck in a rut, caught in a slump—whatever you want to call it, every crossfit athlete eventually faces it. Plateaus are inevitable and they are just a part of the training process. What you have to remember is that plateaus are rarely permanent and there are ways to break through them. Most crossfitters want to blame physical problems for their sudden halt in progress. Things at work may be crazy, you’re moving off to college, or maybe you have wedding to plan. More often than not though, it’s often a mental barrier, not a physical one, that’s forcing you to stay in neutral.

Ok so first off lets LOL at some people failing at crossfit

Mental Barriers

  • Over training is one of the most common barriers that crossfit athletes face; it can manifest itself as either a physical or mental barrier. Suppose you become fixated on a race goal. It may be time your training for or it could be distance. You’ve upped the intensity of your workouts, your goal is all you talk about, all you tweet about, and all you think about. Whenever your entire world revolves around crossfit and this goal, it becomes harder and harder to maintain a high level of motivation. Your brain needs a break and it you don’t freely offer one, your brain will take a break all by itself. You’ll lose your motivation and it will feel like you’re facing some kind of invisible obstacle. In order to overcome an overtraining plateau you’re going to have to take a few days off. Let both your body and your mind rest. When you come back to training, remind yourself that crossfit is just one part of your life. Treat yourself to one “fun crossfit session” a week—no timing, no mileage tracking—and remind yourself why you started crossfit training in the first place.
  • We’ve all been overwhelmed at least once in our lives and it’s most likely that it will happen again before our time here ends. Sometimes, life gets in the way and it’s just too hard to balance work, school, a sick relative, bills, deadlines, kids, and a crossfit routine. Feeling overwhelmed can be detrimental to your training program. The best solution is to get organized and divide your time up fairly among everything you have to attend to. If you can only squeeze in an hours workout on Monday, why schedule a 2 hours? Develop your training program so that it fits into your life. Don’t try and mold your life around your training program.
  • Being over focused is a real thing that can cause a lot of problems. Fixating on one goal and maintaining a narrow definition of success will get you nothing but heartache. Instead of defining success as completing a marathon for example, focus on pace, keeping your body tall while climbing the hill, and celebrate every mile as a victory. Focus on all of the positives that running for example gives you and reaching the big goals will come in time.

Crossfit Plateau

Plateau Busting Training

If your mental game is under control and it’s a physical barrier that stands between you and progress, try using some of these drills to get back on track.

Power Drills. Work on improving your strength and power by implementing this drill into your workout:

  • Run with the longest strides you can possibly take for 50 meters. This is called bounding.
  • Fifty meter run with high knees.
  • Fifty meter skip. Skip as high off the ground as you possibly can.
  • 25 press ups
  • 25 pull ups
  • Jog 50 meters between drills.

Tougher Long Runs. In my own experience of plateau it helps if you can take longer runs as this gives you time to think and listening to some motivational music can free your mind and take your focus off crossfit until you are back in the right frame of mind.
I understand running long distance is not for everyone so here are my tips for making it more enjoyable!

  • Find a different course or path to take today.
  • Start out at your normal pace but increase it every 10-15 minutes throughout the run. Run the last 10 minutes at race-pace.
  • Throw HIIT sprints into your long run. Use land-markers to sprint between every 15 minutes or so.

Run 30-30’s. This workout was developed by French exercise physiologist Veronique Billat. It consists of 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 30 seconds of jogging to complete one rep. Perform 16-21 reps.

Ladder Runs.  Ladder workouts are useful for switching things up and working in an extra hit workout. Preform the following ladder workout and take a break from your normal routine: Warm up, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, and 400m. Run each interval faster than you ran the one before.

As I mentioned this previously. There’s no better way to breakthrough a crossfit plateau than to remind yourself why you started doing it in the first place; for the fun of it! so simly sit down and list the 10 most fun aspects of crossfit and inject the fun element back into the process.

Eight Crucial Stretches for every Crossfit Athlete

If we’re anything alike, you don’t have any problem getting motivated to go for a run, hit the crossfit gym, or join in a pick-up game of just about any sport—but when it comes to proper recovery, well, that’s another story. Maybe you do a great job of making sure you take at least one complete rest day every week. Maybe you even throw in a little foam rolling from time to time. But when was the last time you devoted some time to only stretching? I know that it’s time consuming and I know that it can be boring, but as an crossfit athlete, you have to take care of your muscles. Otherwise, you put yourself at great risk for injury and no body wants that.

Eight Crucial Stretches for every Crossfit Athlete

If you can devote 10-15 minutes to stretching at least two times every week you’ll reap more benefits than you’d expect. You’ll get leaner, stronger, and healthier than anyone who doesn’t take the time to stretch their muscles and show them the appreciation they deserve. Besides, you’ll help yourself prevent injury. This means you’ll have plenty of time to improve you WOD’s and become the healthiest you that you can possibly be. Use the eight stretches provided in this article to become a dominating crossfit athlete and perform at your highest level day in and day out.

Lunge with Side Stretch. This is one of my all-time favorite stretches. When performed correctly, it feels absolutely magical before and after a crossfit workout is ideal. It’s designed to stretch your oblique muscles and hip flexors. Here’s how to do it:

  • Assume the lunge position with your right knee bent over your foot while your left leg is extended behind you.
  • Bring your left arm over your head and lean into the stretch.
  • If you need a deeper stretch (and it’s possible for you to do so) drop your knee all the way to the ground. Don’t worry about it if you can’t go this low the first few times you stretch. It takes time and practice.
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds.Repeat on the opposite side.

Hamstring Stretch while Sitting. As a crossfit runner, this is another personal favorite of mine. This particular stretch is great for your hamstrings (obviously) but it also works on your lower back. Here’s how to properly perform a sitting hamstring stretch:

  • Sit on the floor with both of your legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Bend your left leg in at the knee.
  • Slowly, SLOWLY, bend forward from your hips toward your right foot until you feel a slight stretch.
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds then switch legs and repeat to stretch your left hamstring.

Triceps Stretch. This stretch is feels great for both your triceps and lats, if you have been working out hard in the crossfit gym you should do this one regularly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Put your right arm overhead and position your forearm as close as you possibly can to your upper arm.
  • Grasp your right (overhead) elbow with your left hand.
  • Pull your right elbow down towards your head.
  • Hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds then repeat on the left side.

Chest-Opener. There’s no greater feeling of relief than when you perform the chest-opener stretch. This stretch opens up your chest and shoulders like nobody’s business and I promise you that you’ll be sighing with relief before you finish your 20 second hold. This is one of those stretches you don’t want to end. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stand with your shoulders pulled back and your back straight.
  • Reach behind you and clasp both of your hands together.
  • Bring your hands up toward your head as high as you can get them.
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds. Repeat one more time because it just feels so darn good.

Pigeon Pose. We’re going to borrow a move from Yoga because this stretch does wonders for the crossfit athlete’s body. This stretch works your glutes, lower back, and hips. Even if you’ve never set foot on a Yoga mat before, it’s still pretty easy to perform. Here’s how to do it:

  • Cross your left knee in front of you and keep your right leg extended behind you.
  • Place both of your hands on the ground in front of you and slowly lower your upper body down as far as you can possibly go. If it’s not that far, don’t sweat it. You’ll be able to go lower over time.
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds and then switch sides.

Lunge with Quad Stretch. This nice little stretch really helps you take a load off of your quads and hip flexors and ever crossfit athlete will apreciate this. Here’s how to do it:

  • Assume the lunge position with your right knee bent over your foot while your left leg is extended behind you.
  • Drop your left knee to the ground.
  • Reach your left arm back, grab your left foot or ankle, then pull forward to stretch.
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds and then switch sides.

Pretzel Arm Stretch. This particular stretch is great for relieving tension in your lats, triceps, and shoulders. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold your hands up in front of you and cross your arms one over the other.
  • Twist your palms so that your palms are facing each other.
  • Hold this stretch for four deep breaths then untwist and repeat again.

Upward Dog. We’ve got one more all-important Yoga move that opens up your upper back, abs, chest, and shoulders. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie face down on the ground with your feet hip-width apart and your hands resting next to your lower ribs.
  • Keep your toes and hands on the floor while you press your chest up so that your back is straight.
  • Squeeze your buttock and pull your shoulders back.
  • Hold for five deep breaths.

Happy stretching! please share and comment below your input is important to me.

Top Foods for a Healthy Crossfit Lifestyle

Crossfit is a very demanding activity especially if you are at the gym 5 times or more a week, here are the top foods for a healthy crossfit lifestyle that will also help to keep your body in better shape.

Vegetables, especially green vegetables are the number one food you should eat on a regular basis to improve your health says Jill Nussinow. They are high in fibre and have minerals and vitamins that may help shield you from diabetes and heart disease.

1. Kale

Kale is an amazing vegetable as it contains vitamins A, C and K, it has quite a lot of calcium for a vegetable, and it also contains potassium and folate; a vital B vitamin which has been found to fight weight gain and depression.

2. Spinach

‘Popeye’s superfood is rich in Vitamins A and C, contains folate and powerful antioxidants.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C and is also rich in potassium and vitamin A, it also only has twenty-five calories per serving.

4. Red Fruits and Vegetables

Red fruits and vegetables like red apples, red peppers, tomatoes, rhubarb, red chili peppers, radishes, red grapes and red onions are a source of different nutrients such as hesperidin, quercetin, ellagic acid and lycopene. These nutrients hunt damaging free-radicals, decrease tumor growth, lower blood pressure, and decrease the risk of prostate cancer.



5. Orange and Yellow fruits and vegetables

Examples include; carrots, oranges, pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, yellow peppers, nectarines, mangoes, sweet corn, papayas, peaches, yellow pears, cantaloupe, cape gooseberries, lemon, pineapples and yellow apples. These fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, potassium, flavonoids, lycopene, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, which lower blood pressure, fight free-radicals, encourage collagen creation and healthy joints, decrease age-related macula degeneration and the risk of prostate cancer and work with calcium and magnesium to construct healthy bones.

6. Garlic

Allicin is found in garlic, which is a compound that increases antioxidants in the body that assists with the prevention of muscle disintegration and also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

7. Lentils

Lentils are high in fibre, high in protein and low in kilojoules which helps you keep fuller for longer.

8. Lean meats

Fish, chicken and turkey are all great sources of protein and best eaten without the skins. Grass-fed beef is also a healthy source of protein as the beef from cows that are grass-fed have higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid, which helps battle body fat. The beef fillet has the least amount of fat, so is the healthiest to eat.

Take My Advice

Tip: Try to avoid fatty meats like pork chops, lamb and mince and go for the leaner cuts, always cut off the fat and never eat the skin (chicken and turkey).

9. Whole-wheat pasta

Whole-wheat pasta is a healthier choice as it has three times more fibre than regular pasta, which keeps your hunger at bay. It is low GI which gives you lasting energy and it also contains zinc, selenium, folate and B Vitamins.

10. Whole-grain breads, cereals and brown rice

These are high in fibre which keeps you fuller for longer.

11. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes have a low glycaemic index which means they keep you fuller for longer compared to other foods

My Top Tip

A) Keep an eye out for foods with a low Glycaemic Index (low GI) as these keep you fuller for longer, banishing the hunger pangs that make you snack on unhealthy foods i.e. swap white bread for Low GI whole wheat bread.

B) Keep portion sizes small (unless you’re about to eat a healthy green salad – then eat as much as you want) but otherwise when eating a roast or pasta don’t overindulge, we tend to eat more food then we need.

B.2) In a study people believed they were eating more than they were when eating off a side plate, this is a great way to help keep your portion sizes small. Another trick is to eat slowly; it takes a while for you body to realize it’s full so give it time before you get a second helping.

To be healthy we need to stay away from sugar, crisps and those baked goods, as they are very unhealthy for us. Sugar as an additive is unnecessary and healthier options to get your sugar high include fruits, honey, stevia and xylitol. Crisps are laden with salt, oil and other unhealthy additives, that are detrimental to our health.

Top Foods for a Healthy Crossfit Lifestyle

These are all very healthy foods but if you are wanting to build muscle you will need to add protein to your diet but all of the above should also be included.
To be healthy keep your plate colorful with a wide variety of vegetables, proteins and grains and remember to drink eight glasses of water a day. It is simple to be healthy with so many different choices and adding natural spices can create wonderful falvourful meals that will leave you feeling good inside and out.

Body Areas that we Forget to Exercise During Crossfit Training

Crossfit workouts shouldn’t be limited to toning our legs, achieving firmer buttocks and developing more defined abs. There are some commonly ‘forgotten’ areas in our body that are considered to be the strongholds of our core muscles.

Here you’ll find a list of body parts that we tend to overlook, plus some recommended exercises to spice up your workout session:

1.Inner elbows

Stretching this part of your arm might be new to many. Employ this short yoga exercise into your arm stretching routine for better muscle toning.

Get down on your hands and knees. Turn your arms around, so that your fingers are pointing towards your knees. Now slowly lower your buttocks towards your heels, keeping your palms flat against the floor. Feel that lovely stretch? Breathe in deeply through your nose as you lean further back onto your heels. Remain in that position for a few deep breaths. Stand up slowly and shake your arms to release any remaining tension from the muscles.


2. Toes

Those tiny wriggling fellows require some exercise too. Strong toes will keep you balanced and contribute to better posture. Integrate toe stretching exercises with your usual leg warm-ups.

This exercise is similar to the previous one. Kneel on your hands and knees, this time curling your toes. Gently sit back onto your heels, keeping your toes bent firmly against the floor.  Make sure that even your little toes remain curled.

Another simple exercise is to actually stand on the tip of your toes. Try maintaining your balance for at least 2 minutes.

  • 3. Eyes

Yes, your eyes need a bit of stretching as well. Think of those long hours sitting at your computer desk. We’re all familiar with eye related symptoms after a day at the office, the most recurring ones being headaches, fatigue and dry eyes.

Exercising your eyes on a daily basis reduces eyestrain and makes your eyes look fresher and healthier. Follow some of the exercises below at least once a day, ideally during rest breaks at the office or before bedtime.

Before proceeding with the following exercises, make sure you are sitting comfortably with your shoulders back and your head held straight.

Up and down, left to Right

Move your eyes upward, and hold your gaze. Blink for a few seconds to relax your eyes. Move your eyes downward, hold for three breaths, and return your gaze to the middle. Repeat this exercises several times.

Do the same stretching exercise, this time moving your eyes from left to right.  Don’t forget to blink!


This is another good exercise for stretching your eye muscles. Start by moving your eyes in a clockwise motion. Picture a clock in your head and imagine that you’re focusing on each number, starting from 12, 1, 2, and so on. Repeat the procedure, this time moving anticlockwise.


Rub your hands together to warm them up. Keeping your eyes open, place your palms over your eyes. Make sure that no light seeps in through the gaps between your fingers. Take slow, deep breaths and enjoy this wonderful relaxation technique.

4. Wrists

Strengthening your wrists is part and parcel of achieving stronger arms. Start by stretching out your left arm. Take your right hand over your left one and gently bend your left wrist by pressing the hand down. Repeat the same thing on the right arm.

Rest your elbows on a table and slowly rotate your wrists. Try keeping your arm still in the process. This is a quick and easy one to do during that 5-minute computer break.

5. Ankles

Sturdy and flexible ankles fortify your balance and joint stability and thus prevent injuries. The following ankle strengthening methods are widely adopted by runners.

  • Method 1

Sit up straight in a chair and lift one leg up, knee pointing towards the ceiling. Rotate your foot, stretching it as far as possible. Imagine that you’re drawing wide circles with your big toe. Repeat the same exercise with your other foot.

  • Method 2

Lie on your bed with your feet hanging off the edge. Start by flexing your toes towards the ceiling and then down towards the floor. Repeat this several times before moving on to the next step.

Flex your feet towards the left and then to the right, stretching them as far as you can. Don’t be shocked if you wake up with sore ankles the next day – it simply means that you need to exercise your feet more often!

6. Pelvic floor muscles

This one’s for the ladies! Weakened pelvic floor muscles can be due to many factors, but are often associated with obesity, ageing and childbirth. By toning your pelvic floor muscles you reduce the risk of developing bladder leakage later in life.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles and tighten them as strongly as you can. Pretend that you desperately need to visit the bathroom and you’re doing your best to hold it in. Remember to breathe. Count to ten and let go. Rest for a few seconds before repeating the contractions.

Your body offers a spectrum of regions waiting to be explored and exploited. Setting up a workout schedule is a great way of establishing self-discipline, but don’t let yourself be lulled into an incessant crossfit routine. Varying your exercises plays an important role in leading an active life this is why crossfit is so much better than just going to the gym and doing the same old routines every day.

Experiment with different techniques. Go on… surprise your body.

Welcome to Hubwear the CrossFit Training Blog

Welcome to my site thank you for taking the time to read my post it means a lot to me that you are here and you are interested in learning more about Crossfit training, exercises, workouts and anything and everything related to crossfit.

I have been participating in crossfit for over 2 years but I have been involved with a wide range of fitness and sporting activity’s all my life, I work as a fitness instructor in California, USA and operate my own gym with my wife.
I have started this crossfit blog to really keep a record of everything I find related to crossfit so it might be an interesting video showing you how to prepare food and get the correct nutritional value for crossfit training or my thoughts on the latest crossfit games or a new set of workouts that I have either discovered or I am trying out to see how effective it is on my body or personal improvements.

Welcome to Hubwear the CrossFit Training Blog

I am going to be updating this site every two or three weeks with content similar to the above, I would really like the site or blog to become a decent place for anyone wanting to start crossfit training or like me has an interest in crossfit, it would be pretty cool if people comment or share the information listed here but no the end of the world if that doesn’t happen.

This is the first time I have put together a blog apart from a travel blog I once started but I was having so much fun traveling and getting a internet connect isn’t always easy I ended up not continuing but I hope as I am now a little bit older and have more focus and time I can make this blog site a useful please for all fitness enthusiasts.

So What Is CrossFit?

Crossfit is as it’s name suggests a combination/mix or cross of different fitness workouts and exercises that include primarily weightlifting, aerobic exercises and gymnastics this is the core of crossfit however it is not limited to these sections of exercise, if you watch the crossfit games you will see a range of other activity’s including cycling, running and swimming to name a few.

Crossfit exercises are renowned for being hardcore but in short bursts  completed in 30 minutes (ruffly)
The term WOD stands for workouts of the day describing a set of tasks to complete with in a time frame to a certain extent!

Just like combining other sports or workouts you can use equipment or tools to make the challenge harder or simply just part of the challenge including, kettleballs, barbells, pull-up bars and steps for example.
In reality you can use anything to create a WOD if it improves your fitness it’s what you are looking for to move forward.

Here is a video from the crossfit games to give you an idea of what to expect from crossfit (if you where to take it to a professional level)

Here is another video this time taken from the 2014 games you can see what it means to everyone taken part

It’s a short introduction but hopefully you will have a better understanding of what crossfit is and maybe you will consider getting involved with a crossfit gym near you, please feel free to comment and share on your facebook accounts.